Spend more time in Ministry and less managing data

Your ministry is all about the people; shouldn’t your Church Management System be too? Our priority is to bring you cutting edge technology and tools to equip you to serve and bless the people that are your priority. And to make ministry easier.

For church leaders, by church leaders

We've been there!

We understand the challenges churches face. Because we’ve been there! They’ve been our challenges, too.

We provide tools and processes and workflows churches need to help people engage in ministry and grow as disciples.

Know Your Parishioners

When you have a clear picture of your people, you can take informed actions to serve and engage them.


Run Church from Anywhere

If you’ve got a browser and an internet connection, you can access our platform.


Spend More Time in Ministry

Let the system do the heavy lifting for you, leaving more time for you to care for the people.


Know your congregation

Get the comprehensive, realistic story of who your people are, what they need, and how you can help them take their next step toward Christlikeness.

Track each person’s

Spiritual Gifts
Do Church

Where would children’s ministry be without all of those volunteers helping to teach, feed, herd, and otherwise care for the next generation? Not to mention the curriculum, crafts, camps, background checks, and … !!! How do you keep it all straight and still move ministry forward? We can help.


  • Check-in suite
  • Attendance reports
  • Volunteer tracking
  • Communicate with parents
  • Background check integrations
  • Challenging family scenarios

We’re not gonna say we’re a bunch of Star Trek geeks around here *cough. Live long and prosper. cough* but we know the world you live in. We give you the power to customize and grow your platform to fit the unique needs of your church. Your staff gets to do “church their way,” and you’re the inter-galactic hero. Win-win.


  • Granular security roles
  • Audit Log
  • We do all the software updates
  • Full OAuth2 stack
  • Swagger
  • Webhooks

Managing donations and payments and capital campaigns and mission trip pledges,… just a day in the life, right? We know what it’s like to deal with partial payments or people who want to tithe through a foundation. And to have every single penny in its place, and then all those reports on every single penny. Oh boy, you’re gonna love what MinistryPlatform can do for you and your team.


  • Charts and dashboards
  • Batch manager tool
  • Soft credits
  • Campaigns and pledges
  • Payments and invoices
  • Reports. Lots of them!

We know you can’t be tied down to a desk all the time. Not when there are people yearning to see a caring face walk into their hospital room, or wishing someone could pray over them while they’re laid up at home. With our PocketPlatform, you can take your database with you so you can be fully present and engaged with what’s truly important.


  • Mobile care cases
  • Contact information
  • Care assignments
  • Prayer requests
  • Track care activity
  • Maps

Group Leaders don’t even need to get into the “Platform.” With GroupLife, one of MinistryPlatform's LifeApps, they can manage their groups right from their phones. They can manage and communicate with their group participants, record attendance, and add or view events from anywhere.


  • Add/remove group members
  • Email or text leaders and members
  • Manage group inquiries
  • Mobile attendance
  • Manage group gatherings

You need to know the path laid out for your congregation to follow; and to help shepherd them there. Are they taking their next steps toward Christlikeness? Or are there signs showing stagnance or resistance? How will you know? Sometimes numbers are necessary to tell a story. Or pretty charts could do the trick.


  • Charts and dashboards
  • Reports
  • Engagement routines
  • Metrics
  • Journeys and milestones
  • Views and notifications

We bet you love this word: Customizable. You want it the way you want it. Fair enough! From events to emails, registration forms to website announcements, we run the gamut on things you can customize. We bet you love this word, too: Approval process. Oops, that was two. And before you ask: Yes. And you’re welcome. :)


  • Email templates
  • Event registration
  • Check-in themes
  • Widgets
  • Custom forms

Here’s one of the beautiful things about MinistryPlatform as a Diocese-managed parish management solution: All of your parishes will be on the same system. Yet none of them will have “global access” to see each other’s data. Your parishes will be able to track their people, sacraments, religious education, events, donations, etc. And YOU will have ALL of that at your finger-tips. Diocese-wide!


  • Diocesan level reporting
  • Common Platform across entire Diocese
  • Magazine subscription Management
  • Appeals and Capital Campaigns
  • Standardize processes across your diocese

Main features

and Families

Our heart is to help you serve and bless the people that God has brought to your church



We want to see lives changed, growth happening, and people coming to know Jesus more intimately



An entire suite that helps you check-in the young, the old, the new, the seasoned, and everything in between


and Payments

From scanning or manual entries, to exporting GL and bank reconciliations, we've got you covered


Data Filtering

Slice and dice your data real time, right inside the platform, with immediately actionable results



Create custom tables and fields without impacting MinistryPlatform upgrades and customizations


Thank you for caring about the Church. And creatively creating tools to help us reach and care for people better.

Lynn Davenport
Database Admin
Denton Bible Church, TX

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